Hotel is for English Course then Industry English for Hotel is Staff

The aim of the course - learning hotel management professionals the skills of professional communication in English in the performance of their duties (visitor registration service in guest rooms, settlement of disputes, the polite form of denial, apology, etc.). The course is designed for students with level general English is not lower than PRE-INTERMEDIATE. The course is widely used practical material: specialized textbook, Internet resources, role-playing games that simulate typical situations when serving guests in the hotels, the problems and their solutions, and the like, authentic audio and video, own methodical development of teachers.   grammar study did not include a specific element of a class, and passes on the principle of grammar in speech (grammar in speech), ie together with the study of lexical material. The training program also provides for the formulation and testing of the correct pronunciation of the articulation of English sounds. Training takes place both in groups and individually. The training program is designed for 60 academic hours.

Subject Content
1.Taking phone calls /
How to answer the phone
polite form of greeting
friendly form of questions and answers when talking to a guest by phone 2.Giving information / Provision of information Provision of information about the hotel, town, etc. 3.Taking room reservations / Accept Hotels.com offers friendly forms of order numbers Provide guest information you need about yourself 4.Giving polite explanations / We explain politely friendly forms of failures Apologies 5.Receiving guests / meet the guests at the desk guest service reception 6.Dealing with requests / requests guests Types and forms requests Polite forms Desk 7.Dealing with complaints / solve complaints guest types and forms guest complaints Means for solving complaints 8.Jobs and workplaces / Occupation and workplace hotel staff duties 9.Taking telephone requests / room Service services forms of order 10.Taking difficult phone calls / deal with complex issues on the phone way to solve complex, controversial issues over the phone 11.Health and safety at work / Protection of health and safety rules of health and safety in the hotel 12.Giving directions indoor / What and where in the hotel and how to get there How to help guest navigate the hotel 13.Giving directions outside / What and where in the city and how to get there How to help guests navigate the city outside the hotel 14.Facilities for business traveler / Facilities for businessmen business Centre Hotel Services 15 .Offering help and advice / assistance and advice phrases and expressions to help in case of an accident 16.Dealing with problems / Troubleshooting guest Solving problems encountered during his stay 17.Paying bills / pay bill pay account guest account Payment forms Fix inaccuracies in the long run, the solution of disputes names currency -Stoimost- 1. If you are a representative of the company, and you have like-minded people in the organization who want to learn English , we provide you with substantial discounts

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